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CLF | Base Rent Calculator

Need a little help?

Download this Base Rent Calculator Excel file that covers calculating base rent steps for:

  • Annual % increase for $ / Month leases
  • Annual % increase for $ / SF or $ / RSF leases
  • Flat increase for monthly or annual amount leases

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CLF | Quick Reference Sheet Retail

cta-clf-02Want more information like this? 

Download this free Retail Quick Reference Sheet PDF that covers: 

  • All of the standard retail clauses and the important items to abstract
  • A Glossary of Rent Terms specific to retail leases

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CLF | Quick Reference Sheet


Want more information like this?

Download this free two-sided Quick Reference Sheet PDF that covers:

  • The Four Components of a Lease
  • The particulars of Base Rent and Additional Recovery Mechanics
  • A Glossary of unusual Lease Terms
  • Tips to efficiently yet comprehensively summarize lease financials

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