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Realogic has extensive levels of experience creating Discounted Cash Flow Models for all types of commercial properties including DCF for Retail, Office, Industrial or Mixed Use.

DCF Modeling

Using a variety of applications (ARGUS Valuation-DCF, ARGUS Asset Management and others), our staff, seniors, managers and partners are all experts in the use of commercial real estate DCF tools.

The vast experience in all types and sizes of porftolios (under every imaginable and seemingly impossible timeline) has afforded Realogic consultants the essential experience needed to assist your team in completing any DCF modeling project you may have before you.

Services include DCF model creation, conversion, updates & audits as well as electronic creation of models using data from accounting systems or other financial data systems.

Custom Excel Modeling

Realogic provides custom Excel modeling and analysis services to lending institutions, development entities and owners/investors. Our models, built using advanced Excel and visual basic commands, are based on client requirements and are user-friendly, comprehensive and scalable for any size project, facilitating critical asset and portfolio management decisions.