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Large private equity firm needed to produce quarterly valuations using ARGUS Valuation - DCF® on a portfolio of assets in excess of 130 buildings and 3,000 tenants. As with many real estate companies, much of the data already existed in their accounting system, Yardi 6.0.® The client considered hiring several full-time analysts to finish the task manually but first called Realogic for an alternative approach.


  • Realogic performed a top-level needs assessment and review of the Yardi data
  • Initial review confirmed that Yardi & ARGUS Valuation - DCF integration was possible using the ARGUS Export feature in REALOGIC BUDGET
  • Realogic quickly established the data link, portfolio reporting, security levels and training
  • REALOGIC BUDGET's web-based solution funcionality enabled asset managers to begin creating their ARGUS files using the following data points from Yardi:
    • Rent Roll data including name, suite, term and charge detail
    • Recovery detail including expense groups, recovery pools, pro rata shares, caps, floors, stops and all relevant mechanics
  • The following items were defined within REALOGIC BUDGET
    • Market Data
    • Assumptions for expiring tenants and lease up terms for vacant spaces