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Strategic Planning & Analysis

Realogic’s team consists of commercial real estate experts with vast experience with commercial property acquisitions, dispositions, underwriting, valuation, due-diligence, property management, accounting and lease administration.

From evaluating the property level cash flow assumptions on a portfolio of office buildings to assessing weakness in a retail property by reviewing all of the leases, Realogic can contribute to your firm’s strategic planning and analysis processes.

Custom Modeling

DCF Modeling

Realogic has extensive levels of experience and expertise modeling all types of commercial properties, using a variety of applications (ARGUS Valuation-DCF, ARGUS Asset Management and others). Our analysts and managers are experts in the use of these software tools and have extensive real estate backgrounds to assist in the modeling/valuation process.

Services include DCF model creation, conversion, updates & audits as well as electronic creation of models utilizing data from other systems.City-Sears-396-194

Custom Excel Modeling

Realogic provides custom Excel modeling and analysis services to lending institutions, development entities and owners/investors. Our models, built using advanced Excel and visual basic commands, are based on client requirements and are user-friendly, comprehensive and scalable for any size project, facilitating critical asset and portfolio management decisions.

Property & Portfolio Valuation

 Realogic can provide USPAP compliant valuations and discounted cash flow models for all major product types in order to assist with fair value reporting, investor reporting and strategic decision making.  

We work with you to customize the specific format that is presented to principals, investors or other stakeholders.

"Real Time" ARGUS

Instead of the painstaking task of updating ARGUS Valuation-DCF® on an annual or semi-annual basis, Realogic’s ARGUS experts can keep your models up to date at all times “real-time.”

Allow Realogic's team of experts to keep your financial projections and valuations current by tracking down and entering all

  • new leases
  • lease amendments
  • early terminations
  • capital budgets
  • budgets and reforecasts
  • MLA updates and projections

In addition to adding new asset financials, your Realogic representatives can provide Lease analysis, specific scenarios, or provide models to lenders and brokers upon request. 

Finally, our Realogic Tools product allows you to harness your updated models to quickly produce valuable reports.


Portfolio Cash Flows

portfolio-analysisWhether you have two properties or 1,000, Realogic can create Excel, ARGUS Valuation-DCF®, ARGUS Asset Management® (Dyna) models that allow you to perform sensitivies and evaluate performance.

Our Realogic Tools product (pictured here) is another tool in Realogic's arsenal that allows the automatic export your portfolio’s ARGUS data into an easily-digestible valuation and reporting package. 


Asset Management

Realogic has extensive experience and expertise modeling all types of commercial properties using industry standard applications including ARGUS Valuation-DCF®, ARGUS Asset Management® (Dyna) and others. Additionally, we provide custom Excel modeling and analysis services, producing models that are user friendly, comprehensive and scalable for any size project, such as Realogic Tools.

Budgeting & Reforecasting Services

Commercial Real Estate Budgeting and Forecasting Services from Realogic AnalyticsRealogic can provide customized financial modeling & reporting solutions, onsite temporary staff or back-office support to enhance you budgeting and forecasting process.

CRE Budgeting and Forecasting using Realogic Budget

Additionally, Realogic's proprietary web-based Realogic Budget may be used to standardize and streamline the budgeting process, utilizing data directly from the accounting system and featuring unrivaled reporting capabilities.