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An investment bank engaged Realogic to design a portfolio-wide Excel solution to analyze over 1,000 debt and equity positions for all commercial real estate product types.

The client needed a model for all types of unleveraged asset that illustrates the existing cap stack. The client also wanted to input the requisite assumptions for the ideal hold period and disposition of said assets.


The Realogic team has worked closely with the client at all stages both from our home office as well as at various client offices onsite to get face-to-face feedback and also to ensure that the implementation process goes as efficiently as possible. Realogic has leveraged its versatile understanding of financial analysis as well as its unique set of Excel skills to come up with a solution that met both the client’s immediate needs as well as continues to assess and manage those that would be more ongoing in nature.

Tom Kaveney, Sr. Associate

Tom Kaveney
Sr. Associate

"The Realogic team worked closely with the client throughout all stages implementation. Realogic leveraged its thorough understanding of financial analysis and its unique Excel skill set to develop a solution that met both the client’s immediate needs and was flexible enough to satisfy ongoing requests."
Tom Kaveney, Project Lead