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Previous Attendees polled for satisfaction, interest in alternative training

In October of 2010, Realogic Analytics conducted its first online survey. Previous training attendees were asked a variety of questions on the subject of Commercial Real Estate Training.

The Objectives

The objectives of the survey were as follows:

  • Identify who takes Commercial Real Estate training courses
  • Evaluate attendee satisfaction
  • Gauge customer interest in
    1. New topics
    2. Alternative methods of training delivery

The Results

After a month of submissions, the results were tallied. The answers we received confirmed some long held beliefs but also suggested some interesting surprises.

The age range of the attendees was predictably young: 85% of respondents were under 35. The roles of the respondents were dominated by brokers, property managers and financial analysts, which also makes sense considering the design of the current classes.


For the Customer Satisfaction portion, respondents were asked to rate each class they attended based on class materials (handouts and books), interactivity, real world examples, quality of instructor and overall value.

The results reaffirmed Realogic’s beliefs. The strength of the training program lies in the interactivity with expert instructors as well as the multitude of real world examples explored throughout the sessions.


The graphic inserted here illustrates the overall value as perceived by previous Realogic Training attendees, broken down by class. While we’d like to see more 5’s, we can’t help but be proud of completely avoiding dissatisfied respondents.

We Want a Bootcamp!

Where the surprise hit was the relative interest in the bundled training bootcamp. The survey asked respondents to indicate their interest in a 5-class series where the attendees would be immersed in a week long series dedicated to all facets of Commercial Real Estate Training. Over 75% percent of respondents indicated a somewhat strong interest or a very strong interest in such a program. The bootcamp was suggested to include the 4 existing classes as well as a new topic.

Additional Topics

The new topics proposed in the survey included Excel for Commercial Real Estate: Advanced Class, Understanding the Due Diligence Process: The "Art of the Deal," Advanced Abstracting Concepts & Lease Administration and Understanding the Underwriting Process.

The respondents were asked to rank the options or add their own suggestions. The option with the highest ranking requests in order were

  1. Excel for CRE: Advanced Class
  2. Understanding the Underwriting Process
  3. Understanding the Due Diligence Process: The “Art of the Deal”
  4. Advanced Abstracting Concepts & Lease Administration

Alternative Delivery

Surprising to some on the Realogic staff, there was very low interest (roughly 30%) in self-service tutorial videos. On the topic of training with a live instructor over the web, respondents were split 53% interested and 47% uninterested.

Closing Remarks

Overall, the call for feedback was a necessary and also fruitful endeavor. In the coming months, look for the Realogic Training program to incorporate the suggestions made by the respondents kind enough to participate in the survey. If you disagree with the results or have a suggestion of your own, we welcome the feedback at any time of the year. Simply email to share your opinion with the team.


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