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Due Diligence Services

life-cycle-graphicRealogic uses an extensive checklist developed over decades of experience in property due diligence.

The process begins with a request list supplied to the Seller / Lender. The client then reviews the checklist and identifies the tasks required to meet their property due diligence needs.

The Realogic approach combines on-site presence with remote staffing from our Chicago and suburban Los Angeles offices.

Financial due diligence services may include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Financial (Historical Comparison, YTD Review, Budget, GL Review)
  • Billing (Rent Roll Audit, Billing Statements, Recovery Audit, Accounts Receivable, Percentage Rent)
  • Operations (Service Contracts, Licenses and Permits, Union Contracts, Management Agreements, Ground Leases / Air rights, Insurance, Parking, Security, Accounts Payable, Work Orders, Utilities, Personal Property, Certificates of Occupancy)
  • Real Estate Taxes ( Historical, Future Projections, Appeals, Special Assessment)
  • Leases (Abstracts, Options and Encumbrances, Historical Occupancy, Walk Through, Tenant Improvements, Leasing Commissions, Parking Requirements, Tenant Correspondence, Credit Reviews)
  • Financial Projections (Argus Audit, Argus Updates)
  • Physical (property conditions report review, new third party reports and coordination of site visits)
  • Environmental (environmental report review, new third party reports and coordination of site visits)
  • Mortgages (existing loan documents review and abstraction)
  • Legal (estoppel certificate and contract exhibit preparation)