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Due Diligence

Realogic’s team has the financial and operational expertise to conduct in-depth acquisition, financing and disposition due diligence analysis and review. Realogic works with some of the largest real estate owners, banks, funds and REITs, providing due diligence services throughout the transaction cycle. 

Abstraction and Lease Administration

When approaching a lease, real estate professionals must arm themselves with a broad knowledge of lease terms, a comprehension of standard transaction methods and the experience to know the difference between boilerplate and highly negotiated lease language. 

The Realogic Abstracting and Lease Administration department is staffed with lawyers, registered real estate agents and award-winning property managers. You can have confidence that this all-star team is armed with decades of lease reading, summarizing and updating experience.

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Realogic’s team consists of commercial real estate experts with vast experience with commercial property acquisitions, dispositions, underwriting, valuation, due-diligence, property management, accounting and lease administration.

From evaluating the property level cash flow assumptions on a portfolio of office buildings to assessing weakness in a retail property by reviewing all of the leases, Realogic can contribute to your firm’s strategic planning and analysis processes.


Realogic possesses a diverse real estate investment and analysis skill set, making us uniquely qualified to provide the breadth of expertise necessary to assist throughout the underwriting process. 

Technology Services

In the field of Commercial Real Estate Services, our use of technology is second to none. Using industry standard software, in-house developed applications and internal programming expertise, we maximize the efficiency of real estate data flow throughout an organization.