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Last Friday, Property Managers in the Chicagoland area gathered at the Marriott Oak Brook to participate in Illinois Real Estate Journals' Building Owners and Managers Conference. The half-day event schedule started with a networking breakfast followed by two expert panels with an intermission between them for additional networking and booth visits.

During the second panel, "In the Trenches: What Keeps Property Managers Up at Night?" experts including Bob Best of Jones Lang LaSalle, Geoffrey Kassleman of Op2mize LLC, Scott Bernstein from the National Retrofitting Group and Realogic's own President Dale Vanderlaan analyzed the ways that their work affects a property manager's biggest concerns.


(left to right) Scott Bernstein (National Retrofitting Group), Bob Best (Jones Lang LaSalle), Dale Vanderlaan (Realogic Analytics), Geoff Kasselman (Opt2mize), Jeff Tovar (Tovar Snow Removal) and Melissa Podolsky (Podolsky | Circle, (standing))

Panel Discussion

Moderator Melissa Podolsky (of Podolsky|Circle) established a theme of risk management early. In her first round of questions, she allowed each panelist to present how their businesses reduce Property Manager's risk while minimizing their costs. Both Bob Best and Scott Bernstein spoke about Energy efficiency consumption while Geoff Kassleman offered his thoughts on property managers' readiness in the case of natural (or man-made) disasters.

When asked "What keeps property managers up at night?" Dale Vanderlaan answered by relating some identified trends in the budgeting process. Trends, he said, that indicated property managers are being asked to assemble increasingly longer term budgets with more detail in a shorter amount of time than they were as recently as 2010. His answer to these increased budgeting demands are met by the efficiencies that can be introduced when using Realogic Budget. The web-based software allows easy multi-user access to a single budget from anywhere with an internet connection, which in turn allows a budget team to scale

Realogic was also highly visible at the event as exhibitors (staffed by Marketing team members Miles Baltrusaitis and Amanda Gorman as well as Lease Administration team member Amanda Grantham).

Realogic Analytics Marketing Coordinator Amanda Gorman and Lease Administrator Amanda Grantham at their Trade Show Booth
Amanda Grantham (left) and Amanda Gorman (right) staff the booth while the Realogic logo flashes on the big screens flanking the stage.
Miles avatar

Miles Baltrusaitis

Miles is a multi-instumentalist for Realogic Analytics, where he works in Marketing & Sales but ultimately concentrates on client services. Miles also has extensive experience in Lease Abstracting and Lease Administration from both the tenant and landlord perspective.

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